About Al Murad Group

Today, it is pragmatic dynamism that distinguishes Al Murad Group from other corporate groups in the United Arab Emirates. UAE's booming economy was just beginning to blossom when Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Murad - Chairman saw an opportunity to venture into photofinishing services. Although he achieved instantaneous success right from the word go, he went about attaining his goals slowly and steadily - one solid step followed by next sure step forward. What evolved is now a conglomerate of companies in publishing, consumer and professional photo products and services, television programmes, broadcast of Arabic Television channel & FM Radio channels in three languages.

It's amazing how Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Murad's single-minded dedication has brought it all together - a Group with growing interests in a wholly integrated line of diversifications, where each enterprise draws strength from the vast infrastructure of the rest of the Group companies. It's indeed growth guided by a vision of business integration with a future that holds out newer promises for you to profit from.

It is with no small measure of pride that I look back and see over 3 decades of innovation, passion, outstanding service strandards and the drive to always be our best. 3 decades ago nobody would have thought that the UAE would achieve such greatness and world acclaim.

Today, the Al Murad Group’s highly diversified interests span a variety of activities including media, publishing, information Technology as well as trading. Currentlsy led from the front under the able leadership of Talal Abdullah Murad, group director, the Company is headquartered in Al Ajman, United Arab Emirates, with field operations, manufacturing facilities and offices across the Emirates.

Mission & Philosophy


To provide Quality Brand Visibility Solutions and exceed the Expectations of our Customers with Extraordinary Emphasis on Creation of Value together with total Reliable Services, thereby ensuring Complete Customer Satisfaction.


Our Philosophy is the Ensure that your Pictures are produced to the highest attainable standard and, to this end, we use only the highest quality Kodak materials.

Al Murad Group operates keeping in pace with the latest technology trends, and we are substantially in tune to the contemporary State-of-the-art equipment, combined with trained personnel and prompt turnaround time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most respected and admired real estate developer and services provider in the Northern Emirates for all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

We want to carefully select projects, business partners and employees we invest in. Our aim is to build shareholder’s value by making a significant contribution and difference to RAK, thus making Al Hamra a truly sustainable corporation.

Our Values - PIPS

  • Partnership: We build relationships with our stakeholders in the belief that they should be sustainable, ensuring a long-term mutual benefit.
  • Integrity: We are focused on delivering long-term value; we strive to always do the right thing and be transparent with all our stakeholders.
  • Passion: We work passionately, innovating to ensure our customers enjoy the highest standards of living.
  • Social Responsibility: We believe in giving back to the communities where we work through a team effort from all our stakeholders ensuring a creation of a sustainable environment.